What To Get For Your Dad On Father’s Day If You’re A Student

Father’s day is around the corner, haven’t thought of anything yet? Did you pay attention to what your father said before, and what he usually does during his pastime, you might get your ideas there; or else, read on!


Who says flowers are only for women? Guys have been giving flowers to the ladies for their whole life, they deserve one too. Let your daddy know what does it feel like to receive flowers unexpectedly.


Frankly, most of the dads have a dirty and almost rotten wallet, and they still keep using it. Get your dad a better one so he can fill up more purple notes for you. 😎


Shoes are important, gifting shoes to boyfriend/girlfriend is different from giving it to your parents. You always pick the trendy ones for your lovers, but for your dad, comfortable is definitely your first requirement.


My dad used to play around (I tried so hard to make it sound more appropriate) with us with his stubble when we were little. I hated that; he doesn’t do it any more reason being that we are all grown up now, but still I think fathers need shaver anyway.

Optical Check-up & Body Check

You don’t stop growing and your father is getting older as time goes by. A proper check-up could be super helpful and how thoughtful your father would think you are to give a meaningful present like this. You should totally get him a check up in Subang Jaya Medical Centre! They have the full body check up and you know they are good.

Vinyl Record

People from our parents’ generation loooove classic oldies, even I myself do. It’s actually not that difficult to look for vinyl records, there are some in Klang Valley area (Amcorp Mall has an old shop that’s worth a check!), or look it up on the internet if you are looking for a place that’s more convenient for you. Got nothing to play the vinyl records? Scroll down.

Vinyl Player/Gramophone

Now that you’ve got your dad a vinyl, how is your dad going to play that with? CD player? Laptop? Or the iPhone you bought him last year? Don’t siao la just buy a vinyl player along with the records if you know you ain’t got one. It’s not cheap but imagine how happy your dad is if he’s a big fan of music!


Why waste money on the expensive massage chair when you can do the service by yourself? We are Malaysian, we’ve got the #PowerOfHand. Trust me, your daddy prefer you than the branded massage chair, it is filled with love. #AllYouNeedIsLove Plus being a student taught us how to massage because of the constant stress we have!


Yes you can bring your family out for dinner, but I’ve got a better and more affordable idea; prepare your own meal for them, it may not be better compared with the food in a high-end restaurant, but who cares, it’s prepared by their favorite chef. What can you cook for Father’s Day? Cook some nice food for your dad! Need some fool proof recipe that sure will work one even when you’re not thaaaat good? Cook some pasta or…get a takeout and pretend you cook it! Okay, kidding, don’t do that! Unless it’s from your dad’s favorite restaurant!!

I am green.