What To Wear In UCSI With Plain T-Shirt For Female Students

Now that UCSI has a dress code rules for the first time ever, students have been ranting here and there as they feel like they lost the freedom to pick their own outfits. Why not stop complaining about it and start thinking to go shopping and get more outfits for yourself accept the not-so-big-deal-rules?

Apparently you are not allowed to wear shorts or whatever that is above your knee, long jeans might be too struggling to wear in a country like Malaysia with hot weather. Here, we have some tips on plain t-shirt fashion.

Why t-shirt though?

Well, we think that it’s better if you wear the plain ones to avoid wearing the wrong ones, plus plain t-shirt has its benefits too #minimalism

Knee-length Denim Skirt

Denim will never go out of style.

Time is ticking, decades passing by, people come and go, Denim will always be there for us, it never goes out of style. I’m not saying that the mini-skirt is out of fashion today, but the midi ones would unleash the temperament in you, but make sure you get the high-waist one so it looks nice too even if you are short. Like this then you can get some korean vibes!

Culottes (Cropped Trousers)

Culottes is a hot item in recent years. You can wear it to either formal or non-formal events, simply match it with a plain t-shirt, or with a blouse for presentations.

Sweat Pants

Who doesn’t love sweatpants? It’s comfy yet fashionable and it helps cover our ‘bigger-than-average-hip’ too. You can literally wear it to anywhere, gym, classes, shopping, or even pasar malam; just roll your pants up if you feel hot, unroll it if you feel cold, simple as that.

Singlets/Spaghetti Straps Top

No spaghetti straps, no problem; pair a t-shirt inside, make it a layered-look top or dress. Don’t be worried it’s not weird to wear it this way, it’s a trend now in Korea and Japan!

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