What you need to know before moving out from home!

What students need to know before moving out from home!

You’ve probably heard it millions of times, but well: “Being a college student is not easy”. Yes, we know your struggles. To top it off, it’s even harder when you are leaving home, moving out to a hostel, and struggling to adapt to a new city or country.

We know your feelings: you can’t wait to leave home, get excited with the idea of living alone in your new place, but at the same time, you just feel like you are just not ready to leave home yet and to be completely independent.

Hence, we have compiled a list of 5 things to learn before you leave home to make the transition easier. 😉

Research on the new area that you are going to stay

  • Simply finding a hostel is just not enough. You have to do some research on the new area that you will be staying, for example the travelling distance from your hostel to the campus, arranging transportation, convenience stores nearby your hostel, how your new neighborhood is going to be like, etc.

For this one, if you’re renting a room through HostelHunting.com (that’s us!), you don’t have to worry. You get free service and never-ending possibilities to talk to your Booking Representative, who’ll guide you through the secrets of your future neighbourhood.



  • Do you use cold water or hot water? How do you use the bleach? How do you get a stain out? What colors wash well together and what don’t? Hang dry, line dry or lay flat to dry? If you are not someone who usually does laundry on your own, you might have to learn from your mom before moving out!



  • Unless you are filthy rich, you wouldn’t want to spend money to eat outside every single day. Living alone in a hostel is not cheap already so you might actually need to cook yourself, if you are on a tight budget. So, it is important to learn to cook at least basic meals. Pasta is cheap and easy to make. It’s also easy to make ABC soup (our favourite local soup)! Turn to your mom for some basic recipes now!

Paying bills


  • When you are living with your parents, it’s unlikely that you will care about how to pay for bills. But when you are moving out to a hostel, you might need to learn how to pay for your own bills ON TIME: water bills, electricity bills, your Unifi monthly bills and so on.

Making a list of the utensils and necessities that you need

  • Moving out means you have to start anew at a new place. Unfortunately, some hostels do not provide all the basic necessities that you may need. Therefore, it’s important to contact the host to know what kind of utensils, furniture or necessities that you will need to bring from home or buy before moving into your new place!

What else MUST you know before moving out of your parents’ house? Share in the comments!