Where To Stay Near APU – Asia Pacific University?

Just enrolled in the famous APU? High fives, awesome job! No matter if you’re studying engineering, accounting or animation & visual effects – you’ll need a place to stay. Malaysia’s hot, but not convenient enough to sleep under the night’s sky!

So, we asked the APU seniors about the best places to stay near the APU campus and why would you chose a place to rent there.

P/S: Did you know that you can even study eSports in APU? Meaning, computer games playing? Major WOW, that’s the only university in Malaysia to offer such a course!


1. APU Official Student Accommodation

If it’s your first year in the APU, you will probably be offered some options by the Student Services in the university’s rooms in Academia, Vista Komanwel, Fortune Park, Endah Promenade and Covillea Condominiums. Or, you can just visit their office personally.

Any of these places are located just a short walking distance from the faculty, and there are many seniors and juniors staying there. You can share a room, or just get a single room for rent for additional personal space. Apartments offered by APU usually have 3-6 bedrooms, so you will get to know your new APU squad right away.

Price of room for rent in a university-managed accommodation? Between RM270 to RM1900 per month. depending on the room size and facilities offered.

Accommodation options near APU, available on www.hostelhunting.com
Accommodation options near APU, available on www.hostelhunting.com

2. Off-campus Accommodation near APU, Bukit Jalil

You might also want some more freedom in your choices (We are always rooting for freedom of accommodation choices! Yes!). Don’t worry, Bukit Jalil is not dry at all – it’s unexpectedly fun and student-friendly!

If you don’t feel like staying in the university-referred rooms, you can of course stay anywhere else – as long as it’s convenient. Bukit Jalil area is huge and trust us – you can find hundreds of offers for room to rent or apartments to rent near APU.

Depending on your budget, you can go for a room in a landed house (benefit: usually more space and a garden outside, plus houses come mostly fully furnished here).

The other option is a condo with a room for rent nearby the APU campus. This one is perfect if you’re lazy to take care of the house – staying in an apartment means that the common area will be cleaned and maintained, and sometimes certain landlords also provide a house maid. How cool is that!

See the examples of rooms for rent here:



Prices? Similar to the official APU accommodation. Plus, if you’re lucky, you can score a discount on HostelHunting.com – keep an eye on what’s happening on the page, from time to time there are campaigns with additional deals and discounts in Bukit Jalil!




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