Women’s Taxi, Riding Pink In Malaysia

Girls, ladies and all the female students out there, are you scared to take UBER/Grab alone to go back to your student hostel/house? Especially at night. Or thinking for a safe option when you are having a ladies night out? Well, you don’t have to worry now because now in Malaysia, we have a new taxi service special for women ONLY. Yes, women only. The driver and passengers are both women so you don’t have to worry about YOUR safety. You still do la but less worry if your Grab/UBER driver going to be a little touchy with you like all the UBER/Grab news regarding bad drivers we had been seeing in Klang Valley (even Singapore!) nowadays!


What is Riding Pink? Riding Pink is a new taxi service that has launched in Malaysia in 2016. This company is still new, but there are a lot of good review and rating about their drivers and services. What’s good about Riding Pink??? They provide you a safe transportation options and since the drivers are women, they aim to make you feel comfortable and safe no matter where you are when you are riding with Riding Pink.


Riding Pink currently do not have an app yet. But if you are interested to ride with Riding Pink, you can go to their FB and pm them a message, then they will find you a driver! You can pm or call them to make a request or make sure you pre-book 1 day to avoid disappointment.


So now, universities/colleges students and working ladies, you don’t have to worry that much about your safety when riding with Riding Pink!

Here’s some review from their riders;






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