< 30 years old in Malaysia? Here's why you should buy a house NOW!

You may think that you’re still young, just starting your career, and time to purchase your property will come in a while. But hey! Welcome to 2017, a time when you seriously can’t wait too long to buy a house in Malaysia. See why:

1.Whenever you buy, a house is still EXPENSIVE


People always say ” Buy a  house early, so you won’t have to worry about anything when you’re older”. But let’s be real, most of us just don’t care.  It seems very distant anyways.

BUT: what you need to know is, the average price of a house in Malaysia has been rising since many years. The same type of house to sell 20 years ago and now have extremely different value. When you ask what kind of house is the cheapest, everyone will definitely answer – the cheapest house is the one you could buy 10 years ago.

Leaving aside the time,  as long as you are take a home loan from the bank, you get poorer! Any home loan IS expensive, and don’t believe in any “suspiciously cheap” ones. 

2. The younger, the lesser the burden


Normally, the age range from 21 to 30 is the most productive.
During this stage, we are still young and also having least problems. Most of the parents are still healthy and able to work, and support you, in case you need it.

You may be single and spending all the salary on your own perks. During this productive age, it is definitely a good time to buy a house. 10 years after, whether you want to live there, or sell it – you will not lose much anyway, because the price will be higher than 10 years ago. Logical, right?

3. Your age is your capital

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Let’s take a trip to the future: after buying a house as a 25-year-old, you buy another one 10 years later. What’s the difference?

Yes, your income might be much higher than 10 years ago. However, your burden has increased – you need to take care of your parents, and you may have children. This all means: you might actually not have as much disposable income as 10 years ago! Plus, you can’t share the place or rent out rooms – this could only be possible if you had no family staying with you.

4. Ringgit has changed its value


It’s not just a currency jump that happened overnight. In fact, it’s not just Malaysia facing the problem of devaluation – many countries globally have the same issue.  Some years ago, RM3000 could support the whole family, but today it might not be enough just for 1 person to live comfortably.

5. NOW is the best time to purchase house


Are you still waiting for your parents to buy you a house – or for the government to support your rental fees? You might feel that the down payment is too big, but who knows, how much will it be in 10 years?

When are you going to purchase a house, if you miss this BEST TIME : NOW?



Credit to CMONEY投资网