6 simple tips to rent out your room 3x faster!

Every prospective tenant is one click away from unlocking a myriad of choices for anything, from toothbrushes to living accommodation. As a landlord and property owner, you must ensure that you are putting the best face of your property or room forward for all to see.


Keep in mind that you are up against a lot of competition from other landlords who have similar offerings to yours.

The first impression is always important. In order to make your property look attractive to prospective tenants, you will need to step into their shoes and understand what are YOU looking for in a property.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your property to boost its rental appeal and value:

1. Make sure your property is clean


We cannot stress enough on how important it is for your room to be in its best condition when tenants come to view your room. (And yes, we have encountered numerous experiences where tenants turn down an awesome room due to its lack of cleanliness.)

Before you show prospective tenants around the house/ room, make sure that the bathroom is spick-and-span, there are no cobwebs on the walls or in the ceiling corners, no dust on the window sills and shelves, and no unsavory stains on the floor.

Clean the carpets and the rugs too and make sure the beds are in good condition

2. Fix any needed repairs


Tenants, especially students, need to worry about 1 thing and 1 thing only. And that is to study in order to excel in their education. Hence, they should not be worrying about unnecessary things that could have been prevented from day 1.

There should not be any leaking or broken plumbing works and blocked drains. Prospective tenants will normally inspect the house/room; turning taps and flipping switches before renting it because they would expect the landlord to have everything in working order before they agree to rent the space and move in.

3. Declutter your mess


A clean space will make it easier for prospective tenants to visualize it as their own room and that will influence them to become a little bit partial to your house, encouraging them to choose yours above all others. Therefore, do ensure that your premises are always neat and tidy before asking anyone to come over to view the room. Overflowing storage closets and cluttered kitchen counters do not send out any positive vibes.

4. Maintain any faded or discoloured walls


There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to give it an alluring, gleaming, new look. Even though it will cost some money but it is a worthwhile investment as the effects will attract more prospective tenants.

The main goal here is to make sure the property looks good and attractive to students looking to rent a room. Do a quick check when the previous tenant moves out. You would be glad you did later!

5. Check the electrical fixtures and appliances

Safety is a huge priority for all prospective tenants. Therefore, you must get a professional to inspect all the wires to reduce the chances of short circuits or other electrical mishaps. As a landlord, you have the responsibility to assure them that the safety condition of your house is at a respectable level.

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