How to Deal With Water Disruptions in Malaysia

The loss of plentiful clean water could have a big impact in our life. Given that water is the most important component of life – from personal hygiene to essential drinking water to daily chores. Have you ever imagine life without water? Some properties in Malaysia suffer from water disruptions up to couple of times a year. Thus, if you are one of those people who tend to be living there temporarily and you encounter this kind of scenario, we’ll provide you tips on how to deal with water disruptions efficiently and effectively:

Be Aware. Always.

To secure a sufficient supply of water during a water disruption, it is best to keep yourself informed at all times regarding the scheduled disruption of water supply, which might be affecting your location. Further, with the advent of the internet, you can simply go to the websites of the water supply company and check their schedules.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Source: www.thestar.com.my
Source: www.thestar.com.my

Make sure to invest in big storage containers. You can buy these at local hardware shops if you haven’t got one yet. You can place them in your bathroom or toilet. Ensure that you put them in your kitchen and another in your backyard as well.

Get a Water Tank

Did you know that water tanks are long term solutions to making sure you have enough water storage when water disruptions occur? This tip might be helpful enough to help you cope up with sudden disruptions in your area – an excellent way to beat is by setting up an extra water storage tanks. In this way, you’ll still have enough water supply through pipes and taps within your home.

Extra Tips

Source: 2msia.com
Source: 2msia.com
  • Use Water Effectively – Given that some property in Malaysia suffers from water disruptions every now and then, it’s just smart to take the initiatives. Use enough water for your bath, refrain from cooking, and flushing too much water.

  • Call a friend – Meanwhile, if you encounter sudden water disruption and you don’t have any extra water stored in your home, you can ask your friend or family relative who isn’t affected by the disruption to get water from them. This case, there’s no need for to worry not taking a bath.

*Important: due to safety and health regulations, it’s illegal to keep an open water source at home. Any type of water tanks or open containers that can encourage breeding of mosquitos, are potentially troublesome.

To sum up, the perfect way to deal with water disruptions is to know when it will occur, prepare for it and follow the tips. Further, it’s also best if you will stay calm during this time and put in mind to find a good source of water and store it properly if water interruptions happen suddenly.