Hassles While Staying in High-Rise Residential Property in Malaysia!

Oh, how the 21st century changed our lives! People used to own a huge land and build their own houses, but as the population increased, it is now impossible to have all the homes built on land. That is why we can see so many apartments or condos being built!

If you own a high-rise residential property or are already staying in one, we’re sure you’re able to relate to this article! If you are planning to purchase or rent an apartment to stay, you definitely need to know these issues before making your decision.

1) Insufficient parking spaces

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Source: http://condo.ca/board-oppressed-condo-owner-in-wildly-escalating-parking-dispute/

True enough! For most of the standard condominiums, one unit comes with only one parking lot for the entire family, unless you pay extra money to rent or buy the parking space! This will never happen to residents in a terraced house or any low-rise residential because they have their own car parks in front of their house.

2) Visitors registration & access card

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Source: Puncak Development

Unlike some of the low-rise property, your visitors cannot access easily without registration. This may frustrate your visitors because of all the troubles while entering the building. Even after registration at the security guard house, your visitors still cannot access to your unit easily when they don’t have the access card! They either have to follow closely with the crowds to enter, or you have to be at the lobby area to open the door for them.

3) You can’t run away from your neighbors’ complaints

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Source: https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20160222/bay-ridge/new-yorkers-talk-their-neighbors-mostly-gripe-about-noise-study

Organising an event for friends or family in a high-rise residential is not really so simple – especially when you can’t party too loud. Perhaps your neighbors may still tolerate it for first few times or talk to you personally about it later, in some cases, be prepared to receive a warning letter from your property’s management. Your guests might even get kicked out from your property and get prohibited from entering it the next time.  

4) When the lift brakes down…

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Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry to work or meet the clients, the lift just breaks down, all of a sudden! Oh dear, you’ll definitely be running late to work! You have no other choice but to use the emergency staircase to exit your building. What if you’re staying at the highest floor? It’ll take you quite some time to come all the way down!

Well, coming down is an issue, but going up is another issue! You still have to use the staircase to go all the way up to your house. Not the most convenient situation when you’ve just came back from shopping and have all the heavy bags in your hands…

5) Visitors may have to pay to keep their vehicle overnight in the building

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Source: StraitsTime

If you’re hosting visitors and planning to have them overnight, think twice and request for permission from the management – because the visitors may not be allowed to do so. They might wake up and find their cars being clamped! Then, they will need to pay a certain amount of penalty fee to get their cars back.

6) Lack of communication with the neighbors

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Source: ApartmentTherapy

Another issue here is that you don’t always get to communicate with your neighbors. Everyone’s door is closed 24/7 & you don’t even get the chance to greet them (even if you want to)! What’s even worse: you may not even know how they look like, because you didn’t get the chance to see their faces so far.

7) High Maintenance Fees

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Source: FinnLawGroup

You can never run away from paying high maintenance fees every month if you own a high-rise residential unit. It’s true though that some low-rise residential require their residents to pay maintenance fees every month as well, but you still have to pay more if you’re staying in a high-rise residential. The fees include facilities fees, such as the swimming pool, gym room and sauna maintenance, security, cleaning and more.