Which Improvements Add the Most Value to Your Property in Malaysia?


Adding the most value to your property seems easy and simple. However, it is a daunting process in reality. There are a lot of things to take into account in order to achieve your goal. When you are having a hard time, worry no more as the following property improvements could be a great help on your part. They are specially created to cater your needs as a property owner in Malaysia.



The first thing that can boost the value of your property is by adding square footage. You can target your dining or kitchen area as it usually is pretty simple. If your kitchen has enough space, your double extension will be ideal for your bedrooms. However, make sure to prepare your pocket to effectively finance your property extension. If you live in Malaysia, make a further research online to know the total amount of your expenses.

Extra Bathroom

Planning to build an extra bathroom can also increase the value of your property. Whether you are a house owner of a business owner, you will earn more for sure. When there are available rooms in your residential property, you can let people rent them. By turning a normal bedroom into a master bedroom, you can earn up to 30-40% more on your rental! All it takes is an attached bathroom.

Improve its Aesthetic Appeal

Source: The Malaysian Times
Source: The Malaysian Times

One of the most budget-friendly and simplest home improvements is to enhance its aesthetic appeal. You can paint all of your rooms to make them clean and stunning (simple, earthy colours, and not too much white!). When you do not know what paint colors to choose, take advantage of neutrals. They appeal to a number of people that can make your property more desirable. Paints will not give you a high cost. You can make a bulk purchase to eliminate more expenditures.

Cut Energy Expenses

When you have been paying high electric bills every month, there may be something wrong with your power system and appliances. You can ask help from a professional and qualified service provider to maximize the energy efficiency of your property. You can search online for more choices. But, if you cannot handle the complexity of finding the best company, ask your friends and family relatives. They may know someone who can help you.

Having an energy-efficient home will really help you cut your expenses and gain a big saving. It can also be applied to another residential property updates. It is a more marketable or valuable asset within a long span of time.

Spend an Hour with a Qualified Professional

You can invite a an experience property expert as well as an interior designer to check your home. Some realtors may provide the service as a courtesy. But, you need to pay your chosen designer a consultation fee.

There you go the list on how to add value to your property in Malaysia. But, make sure to have sufficient resources for successful and holistic results. As a homeowner, you also need to count on a well-trained specialist to make things more convenient.

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