Learn To Get Your Unit Look Trendy With These Tips Now!

You would probably admit – we’re all currently trying to cope with the upcoming trends that have been constantly changing. Especially in the property business – the lifestyle of Malaysians has changed and so did their consumption behavior. That’s why people who’re looking for units to rent nowadays prefer modern-looking houses that give them a simple yet comfortable feel.

This article is going to provide you a bunch of tips to get your unit looks trendy and desirable!

1) Analyze the current unit conditions

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Go through every single corner of your unit and analyze thoroughly the current situation. Think if your son or daughter was to rent this place, would you be happy about it? Start disposing any old fixtures and fittings that are not functioning anymore as they may affect the atmosphere of the whole unit.

2) Talk to your renovation crew

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At this beginning, you might need to consult a renovation panel to give you some advice on how to improve your overall unit condition. Talk to them, ask them any questions and calculate the price for: the cheap, medium and more expensive option of the renovation.

3) Wall Painting


To achieve a feeling of coziness and “real home”, the wall color plays a major role. White paint helps a smaller unit look bigger in size, but it’s a bit oldschool. If you want to refresh the look of your unit, think about using light grey or khaki to aim for a comfortable feel that wows the potential renters!

4) Floating shelves do the trick


Instead of the typical old-fashioned bookshelves, why don’t you use floating shelves instead? They don’t take much space, can be installed anywhere, and fulfill their role as an item storage just as well as the classic ones. And – of course – they scream “modern design” to every visitor who sees them!

5) Don’t forget about lights!


Do you know that lighting is so important that it can change the mood of your unit as a whole? Since we’re in a trendy world today, downlights can takeover the traditional fluorescent light that doesn’t give you any comfortable experience at all. Start installing downlights now!

6) A monochrome-colored bed sheet is a plus!


To go well with the wall painting and downlight, choose a monochrome-colored bed sheet. Trust us, black and white color of bed sheet plus simple, modern wall colour and focused light can definitely increase the trendiness of the whole unit.