Malaysian Landlord Academy: 5 Questions You Must Ask To Your Prospective Tenants

There’s no doubt that every landlord in Malaysia is interested in a long-term rent. Whether you are a property manager, renter or agent, this set of questions can help you comprehend the ideal relationship between tenants and owners. And the best thing? The whole interview is going to take you less than 5 minutes!


When do you plan to move?

If you receive an email or phone call from someone interested in renting your property in Malaysia, the very first thing you must ask is when they would plan to move. You might not wish to waste time showing your area to someone who is not ready to move for another two months – while your place sits empty. Once the timing is perfect, then you can proceed.

Can you pay the move-in fees after signing a rental agreement?

You can discuss this with your prospective tenant that you need the first rent of the month as well as the security deposit or whatever it is that you need and what that number will be. Further, ask if they’re okay to pay it right after signing the lease. If they are not certain and ask you if you accept installments, think this of it as a red flag. You will likely have a hard time getting the full rent on time. Meanwhile, if they say they’ll have the cash, but just not right today, then courteously move along to the next applicant.

Do you have any pets?


If you are one of those landlords who have a “No-Pet Policy”, and this individual has a pet, you can pause the interview right away. However, if you permit pets, you can discuss whether you have any restrictions on the number and types of pets allowed on your property. If both of you are on the same side, you are ready to schedule a viewing!

Can you pass a credit and background check?

Tell your applicant that you can show the property if they wish to rent it, but this will require filling out an application and passing a background or credit card check. Allow them to know you need that of all prospective renters and tell them what the cost will be. If they will agree to that, then you can go ahead and schedule the showing. If not, goodbye.

What is the reason for your leaving to your current place?


When the renter says that “his or her landlord and I just do not get along” or maybe “his or her landlord ended his or her lease”, then you must certainly talk to that landlord to check out why. Maybe the tenant is a good-for-nothing and his previous landlord has grown tired of them. Some of the perfect answers are:

  • I like to get close to friends, family or work

  • I just prefer this town, home or neighborhood

Hopefully, these questions will help you save your precious time. Choose only the ideal candidates who’ll take good care of your property in Malaysia.

And if you need any more help with your property rental, contact us today. We’re here to help you to earn more on your property!