Miss 1 of these documents, and you won’t be able to buy a house in Malaysia!

No matter you are salary worker or self employed, I guarantee that you have a dream to buy a house in Malaysia. Most of the people may think it is not easy to buy a house, because there have a lot of formalities need to do.  In reality, as long as you’re well-informed and know the process, it’s quite a logical formality that anyone can accomplish!

Here is a short guideline for you to collect all the documents needed for house loan in Malaysia:

Documents required for housing loan application 

Salary worker :


1. Copy of I/ C or passport.

2. Salary slip – 6 months for commission earner, 3 months for fixed income earner.

3. Latest EPF statement.

4. Latest income tax return – form B/BE.

5. Salary account statement

6. Any deposit :- Fixed deposit, ASB, Unit trust.

  • What is Fixed Deposit? 
    • Type of bank savings or investment account that promises the investor a fixed rate of interest. In return, the investor agrees not to withdraw or access his / her funds for a fixed period of time.
  • What is ASB – Amanah Saham Bumiputera/ ASM – Amanah Saham Malaysia?
    • Provide unit holders with a long-term investment opportunity that generates regular and competitive returns through a diversified portfolio of investments. ASM is a equity income fund with fixed-price at RM1.00 per unit.
  • What is Unit trust?
    • Are a form of collective investment that allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool their funds to be invested in a portfolio of securities or other assets.

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For self employed :-


1. Copy of IC /passport

2 Business trading licence

3. Form 9. Form 24. Form 49 for Sendirian Berhad.

  • Form 9 – Certificate of Incorporation of Private Company
  • Form 24 – Return of Allotment of Shares. Form 24 is used to allot new shares to shareholders of a sdn bhd company. The form needs to be submitted to SSM for registration once the allotment were approved by the directors & existing shareholders.
  • Form 49 – Return giving particulars in register of directors, managers and secretaries and changes of particulars. Form 49 is used to giving the particulars of directors, managers and secretaries.

4. Latest Company Bank Account statement – 6 months.

5. Latest company audited account.

  • Company financial records (Include how many sales have been done, whether loss or earn profit)

6. Latest income tax return – form B/BE.

7. Any deposit : fixed deposit, ASB, unit trust.

  • Same as salary worker.