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2手房子顾名思义就是别人住过的房子。一般2手房子都位于便利于公共设施比较齐全的地区, 因此邻里方面也是相对地稳定,十分适合有小孩子的家庭或想要建组家庭的购屋者。如果能排除曾经有人住过的心理障碍,其实一间地点好的2手屋 其实一点都不比新屋逊色喔!

在这里为大家列出购买2手房子的6大优点 (more…)

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6 Steps to Promote Your Property on Social Media in Malaysia!

Gone are the days when advertising your property in a newspaper was the only option – because today, we live in the world of technology. We have Internet, smartphones, tablets and other digital devices – and they provide unlimited exposure for your property and rooms for rent!

The reality is, most of the people searching for a room or flat for rent check the options online first.  (more…)

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