Tips for Malaysian Landlords that Other Websites Won’t Give You


Starting a property management business is difficult. Landlords always deal with tenants who do not pay their rent on time, expensive property repairs, and problems of tenants who always complain. The process comes many responsibilities as well as dilemmas that can make well-meaning landlord into a jaded owner.

More often, it is easy to consider tenants as a Ringgit sign, rather building a good landlord or tenant relationship. Nevertheless, a positive connection with all of your tenants as well as marketing your property management company has a variety of benefits. Promoting your services to new and potential clients, and acquiring a number of loyal clients will be a breeze. (more…)

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Which Improvements Add the Most Value to Your Property in Malaysia?


Adding the most value to your property seems easy and simple. However, it is a daunting process in reality. There are a lot of things to take into account in order to achieve your goal. When you are having a hard time, worry no more as the following property improvements could be a great help on your part. They are specially created to cater your needs as a property owner in Malaysia. (more…)

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