Things a Malaysian should truly consider before purchasing a property

Owning a property in Malaysia is not as easy as a piece of pie. It is a long and difficult process. Though you are a Malaysian, you will still encounter a difficulty. However, when you are properly guided and you know what to do, everything will take place according to all your plans and aspirations. At the end of the day, a hassle-free outcome is possible.

Here are one of the things you should consider when purchasing or owning a property in Malaysia.


Source: KiniBiz
Source: KiniBiz

Here, we are not just talking about the landscaping of any landed property. It goes above that. Your choice should at least have an aesthetic or stunning appeal. The cost of renovating a building or a condo is not low. It may cost you up to hundreds of thousands of Ringgits! So make sure the house or apartment that you’re planning to purchase doesn’t have many potential changes in its design.

Guarded Community


It is always best to know whether our future residential location is safe. Before purchasing your property, always do the research – ask your friends who live around for information. At the end of the day, you will realize that you have a worth it and effective decision.

Generally, in any place in Malaysia, security at the entrance is the minimal safety precaution. Access cards, fingerprint scanning, guests registration – it’s all a plus.

Living in a safe and secured place will give you a peace of mind. You will never feel worried when you go out. You will always have a comfortable and convenient experience. So, it is important to know the safety as well as the security of your choice to avoid complicated problems in the years to come, especially if you want to feel safe letting your kids play in the area.

Nearby High-Performing or International Schools

Before purchasing or owning a property in any area or state in Malaysia, identify whether there are any international or high-performing schools in the neighborhood. When it is about time to send your children to school, you will have an amazing educational choice. From quality education, advanced resources, to globally competitive teachers, it will all be just around the corner.

Be Aware of your Neighbors


Whether you want to own a property or earn on it, be aware of your neighbors. Identify their language, culture, traditions, beliefs, norms, or mores for you not to be culture-shocked. You should also be the one to adjust to avoid misunderstanding and other complex issues. It is always a good choice to be approachable and friendly to build a harmonious relationship with new people.

Infrastructure or Connectivity

Your dream house in Malaysia should be industrialized for your convenience. Number one you should be looking for, is a 24/7 shop nearby (you never know when you might actually need something in the middle of the night!). Another important point: if you have your own business, having a cafe or some kind of meeting place would help if you wanted to suddenly meet a client during your day off. And last but not least: you never know what the future holds – make sure there are some companies or offices nearby – in case you wanted to suddenly change jobs, it would give you more convenient options! h

Indeed, owning a property in Malaysia comes with a lot of factors to consider. It really takes time before you are able to find the best and the most efficient decision. But, you will realize that all your efforts are worth it. Your dream house will be a reality at the end of the day.