Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Traffic Jam During the Raining Season in Malaysia

The rainy season is back. And with it, we are all experiencing the cooler weather, more wind, and…. crazy traffic jams. So here we are, sharing some of the important tips on how to avoid getting stuck in the traffic during raining season.

Always plan ahead 

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Source: http://www.asianefficiency.com/productivity/why-successful-people-plan-their-lives-90-days-at-a-time/

This is the first step you need to know to avoid getting yourself stuck in the traffic jam especially during the season. Already have plans but it pours suddenly? Well, if it is not an important issue, you might want to postpone it until the rain has stops.

If it’s a really important appointment that you really can’t miss out, it’s advisable for you to plan your trip first, by checking, which alternate routes you should take during the rain to prevent yourself from being really late to the appointment. 

Switch the radio on

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Source: https://www.lifewire.com/car-radio-suddenly-stopped-working-534704

To always be up-to-date with the current traffic news report, we would say that radio is the best media channel to follow. For example, when you drive to work every morning, you’ll realise that each radio station repeats the traffic report minimum once every hour. 

Waze is gold

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Source: http://www.chrisonesto.org/smart-waze/

Guess what? Sometimes all you need to avoid the traffic is your phone! With such a tech-savvy world we’re living in today, Waze is definitely helpful to all the drivers out there to guide them to their desired location or to check on the estimated time to arrive at their destination. During the rainy season, there is a higher chance of accidents on the road. And now you can easily avoid the affected areas thanks to this app!

Check your car’s condition if have to drive a long way during the season

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Source: http://roberts.com.ph/car-components-checked-during-tune-up/

To be honest, checking your car’s condition doesn’t only apply during the rainy season. Of course, you have to bring your car to the mechanic once a while for service and maintenance. However, if you do not inspect your car’s condition before you start your journey and it suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road during the season, it might make your experience even worse!

LRT/Monorail – Why Not?

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Source: http://www.nst.com.my/news/2015/10/new-lrt-monorail-fares-oct-31-spad

During the rainy season, traffic gets really heavy as everyone is driving safely at a steady rate. At this time, taking the LRT or Monorail to your working place can save up lots of time. The only concern is getting drenched in the rain if you don’t bring an umbrella with you. That is why, always have it in your bag – you because prevention is better than cure! 

All in all, if unnecessary,  avoid going out during the raining season.

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Source: http://brendonhomes.com/uncategorized/home-maintenance-tips-for-the-rainy-season/

It’s best to stay at home if you can during the season. Polar bears hibernate during the winter season to save energy and stay warm, so you “hibernate” at home during the raining season to stay safe! Meanwhile, if you didn’t realise, it also gives you the chance to enjoy your time at home by resting or spending quality time with your loved ones 🙂