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What Our community says about us

Very patient with helping me find a suitable room. Very good customer service and assistance. Keep up the good work!
susan chee
I liked that they are contacting you after you booked a room to check all the details. Furthermore, they are answering questions really fast & friendly.
simone eberle
Very trustworthy portal to get an apartment as a student. They provided advice when choosing an apartment as well.
miuvan shareef
Everything has been smooth since the start of the booking process.
tengku ervan
You guys understand what does the client really wants, and trying your best to give us the best. Thank you so much
Along the booking journey. I am very please. Everything was well arranged & I manage to get a decent hostel for my studies.
lionel lim
The company provide contact really easily. People answer fast and the payment is really easy to do with PayPal.
pompeo mathieu
They give me the best service. Not slowly forcing me to choose the expensive one but the best way to reach the campus. Excellent
wulan arwina