About Us

Started in November 2014 in Malaysia, HostelHunting.com is a digital community marketplace for students to find and book student accommodation.

Our BHAG (*Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to provide the easiest and safest way to find and book a student room.

We have thousands of verified rooms and apartments available, from hostel owners and educational institutions, and we bring them all together in a safe and convenient environment.


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Why LiveIn.com?

Star Rating System

We provide a simple star-rating system that allows students and owners to share honest reviews. Only the actual tenants and owners can post reviews, so they are 100% honest-to-goodness.

100% Safe - Room and Profile Verification

We value your safety, so we introduced a verification system for student and owner profiles, as well as for the individual room listings. You won’t encounter room listings with fake pictures or messy profiles!

Fully Secure Payment

To ensure commitment on room bookings, all the payments are handled by HostelHunting.com’s online payment system. The system supports all major credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal transactions.

Our Team

We understand the student journey from the beginning till graduation!

HostelHunting.com has been online since 2 years ago - and we’ve already helped thousands of students to find their perfect home. We understand the challenges and the excitement of looking for a new place - and we make it as easy and safe as possible for everyone!